Church & Faith

There is nothing more important than the teaching of our Catholic faith and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at Mass. We were blessed to build a church through Children in Need and honored to have had the Bishop in Zambia come to bless our church building. 

The Mass in Zambia is long, like one of our Easter Vigil Masses. The offertory during the local Mass is uniquely different from the American experience. These people give from their heart. They give what they have and what they produce. 

At the time of giving gifts, they offer goats, chickens, corn, pumpkins or something they made as a gift for the church. You never know what will be given, but you will know that it was thoughtful and given in faith. They truly put into practice of sacrificial giving.  

This is a parish that understands it takes people to keep this church alive. Without each and every person giving, singing and praying, there is no church at all. Like we see in America, the people are what defines the Church.  

The Mass Celebrations are much more lively and participatory.  These may be a poor people, but they understand their blessings from God and give our Lord praise and thanks from their souls.

They aren't even asking anything from us. But there is such great need for help, and we can give, because we are so blessed.

What we have can help so many in Zambia.