Housing for teachers is very important. The schools we support are very poor and are in rural areas; the lack of available housing is a barrier for teacher recruitment. The teachers in the past have actually lived in the classrooms. Housing is needed for all the schools and is a great asset to a school. Many of the homes we currently have need repairing; some so significantly they would not be inhabitable in the US. 

Our work with the teachers in Zambia is modeled after the American internship. The teachers are not considered employees. They are provided housing while their teaching education continues in our schools.

Building a single family house for a teacher costs approximately $5,000 to $7,000.  These small homes are designed for the teacher and their family.  Each house for a teacher secures a school for new students.  


Many of our homes have been dedicated in name to memorialize a loved one or to honor our generous donors of Children in Need over the years.