Medical & Supplies

Death is a common occurrence in Africa.  The most common diseases are HIV, malaria, and TB.  HIV can be treated but the patient must take the drugs for the rest of their lives. While the USA is sending the needed medication, hunger and malnutrition are very common and can impact the effectiveness of treatment.

One of the most difficult issues we have in Zambia is getting medical care to those who need it in a timely fashion. There is no "driving to the doctor" for a visit. If locals come for medical care, they usually walk.  If they are injured in the bush, sometimes injury prevents them from being able to seek care.  

The hospital is an open setting. Families bring food and help care for the sick alongside the medical staff. Here are some of our needs:

  • Fans to keep cooler and keep the air moving for better comfort
  • Solar power to run the fans
  • General medical equipment and supplies

A generator that was provided by Children in Need has saved lives many times over.

Dr. Ken Cusi was our first physician to visit Zambia, assessed the situation and helped us with materials needed in the way of beds, equipment, updates, generators, x-ray development, maternity care, HIV education and care, and so much more. We continue to make progress and improve the medical facilities.

We are different from most organizations in that 100% of everything we raise goes to our work in Zambia. We are just volunteers that love Sister Celestine and want to help the children and families in her care.